My Journey Through Photography

I have always been drawn to image creation, but it was in the late 2010s that my true calling for photography was born. Although I had made photographs before, something changed when I turned 40. Suddenly, I felt an overwhelming urge to follow my heart and pursue this newfound love.

Tony de Faria - Image Block - E8mACXE1v7yAxh9gKymfSyPk
Wadi Rum, Jordan, 2021

Since then, I have fully immersed myself in photography and have had the opportunity to meet amazing people and travel to unique destinations around the world, from the lively streets of Lisbon to the stunning beauty of Jordan's deserts.

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Athens, Greece, 2021

My photography reflects my personal journey and the impact people and places have had on my life.

Through my lens, I aim to capture the essence of humanity by telling stories that often go untold and highlighting the universal connections that bring us all together, regardless of our cultural differences.

Tony de Faria - Image Block - bSTxZmbsLbgnDcsgjTND45wV
New York, USA, 2022

Photography is more than just taking good or even great photos. It holds power to inspire, educate, and evoke change.

I am honoured to share my vision with the world and to continue exploring our planet's beauty and diversity through my camera.

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Vienna, Austria, 2022